Saturday, June 7, 2008

What I Really Want

Is a Sex And The City closet aka Carrie's. The movie just brought up memories of how drool worthy her wardrobe really is. The character ( and SJP herself) really inspires me to try to take my fashion to the next level. *swoons* And I also found a cool website that lets you take fashion cues fro the movie. Pleas click to play around with the looks.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just A Little Neourtic

So, after much consideration, Nick and I have decided to keep the rat. Miss Minelli is our first pet together and I'm hoping it goes much more smoothly then keeping her at the Boys And Girls Club. Anyhoo, I researched proper rat care and found out some intresting things. Such as she should be eating meat in her diet. So much for my children being vegetarian. I also learned she should be getting exercise in her cage everyday. She could develop fatty tumors if she doesn't. So, I bought her a huge wheel she could run around the apartment in. And then she pooped herself in it. So much for that idea. She also didn't like the toys we bought her. The only thing she truly likes, is Nick holding her. I rescue her and he gets all the credit. Figures.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

mini goals for june

I love new starts. Like the beginning of every month where you can sit back and think about what you would like to accomplish. I've thought hard and long and decided to make a list. It kinda goes like this:

1. Work out harder at the gym. I've been pumping it but I feel like its time to step it up a notch.

2. Save moolah! I did alot better this month about mindless spending but I need to keep on top of it or I will have slipups like I did this weekend. I also need to step it up with the Avon.

3. Work on my etsy store! I have plenty of ideas for my cards and layouts, they just need to be emphasized.

4. Organize at home! I feel like the organizing bug bit me! I have to do at work this week for inspections but I'm also going to be doing it at home. I also feel like purging some things and selling them on ebay or

5. Cook at least 4 new meals. My vegetarianism is in full swing and I need to take time to start making new things.

I'm pumped for this month. I feel like everything is going to fall into place for my new motivated self.

( I'm a little exclamation point happy tonight. :)

Sex And The City- The Movie

So, after many years of wathing reruns, on TBS and of my own collection, I happily skipped arm in arm with my friends this afternoon to the Sex And The City movie. I about died from gushing with excitment, oozing from every pore. I loved the show and after pondering how I felt about the movie, I can say I honnestly love it too. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, how each character was going to grow. But I learned some lessons from this movie that I wasn't expecting. Ahem.

1. Forgiveness is a big part of life.

2. Fashion is what you make it. Learn your labels early.

3. Love might make you do some very stupid things. But then again, so does vodka!

4. Please don't wear fur to fashion week.

5. If people won't be there to celebrate on New Year's, chinese takeout always will be.

6. There's nothing like your friends so cherish them. I know I sure do. :)


Happy June

So, I can't believe May is gone already. I had so much going on, it was outta control as my friend Sandy would say. I had baby showers, graduations, going away nights, birthdays, mothers day, anniversarys. Plus I took up becoming a slave to the gym. Uh. I can truly say I'm exhausted. I was so grateful just to sleep in this morning and drink coffee in my bed and curl up with the laptop and read my blogs. I don't think I have to much in June. I'm going to full-time hours at work which will help me build up my savings funds some more. I've been doing good with my goals, I've lost some weight and built up some funds. But nows time to take it up into high gear. :) Well, I hope everybody is getting ready for summer. Although I hate the extreme heat, theres just something about summertime. :)