Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet!

My oh my. What would I do for any of these celeb closets? ( My personal favorite is Kimora's by the way.) But, since my car repairs cleaned me out of house and home, I decided to start going through our apartment and start selling all I can on Ebay! Or because I do have a couple text books just collecting dust. Come to think of it, I have lots of junk collecting dust. I'm also going to be selling more AVON and things on Etsy. If you like either one, don't be shy, click my links on the side! I will keep everybody updated though with all my Ebay junk. I guess that's what I'll be doing this labor day weekend since I'll be too broke to do anything else. ;)


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The wheels on the car go round and round.....

So today was my first major car problem with my Corolla, purchased from my good friend Jamie when she moved across the country. She had the car for a couple years and while it was used, it gave her no problems and ran good. This is why I insisted on buying it from her because you just don't know where cars come from and for that very fact I was not interested in buying from Craigslist. The car has been running smoothly since I've had for a year already with only having to replace a battery cable here and there. And then all of a sudden it happened......

My car broke! Well, broke is a strong word. It just wouldn't start this morning at the gas station which angered me because I was on my way to school. But after I spent about half an hour of praying and fidgeting with things, it finally started and I found a local mechanic who had just opened so I was able to squeeze right in. Bottom line= I needed a new starter and some new belts. Final cost= $600.00 Ouch. I seriously ate it. I was just glad I had that money saved up and hadn't been wasting it on stupid stuff. I'm really upset that because I also had to use part of my paycheck on Friday and after bills, won't even have most of it. *tear* My emergency account also had to be used up in account of more textbooks I had to buy for school. So now, I am BROKE.
Alot of people might say this was bound to happen with an older car. I don't agree. This happens with cars PEORID. I was replacing stuff left and right with my ZX2 and that car was only 3 1/2 years old. I had to buy a new timing belt, transmission, belts, exhaust, clutch ( numerous times). You have to replace things with any car. It's called wear and tear on your vehicle. And some people have a new car that doesn't even have a warranty so it doesn't really matter in some cases whether the car is new or not. Still, even with having to spend 600 today to fix it, thats less than what some people pay on their car in two months in PAYMENTS. So I guess, I'm still good to go! I am going to invest in some things the guy recommended after I have my father or my Grandpa Roger check them out. I plan on this car lasting me another year, two if I can stretch it. Getting out of my debts is alot more important than buying a new car. And for me, I think thats a smart choice.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Get Physical....Physical

I am totally chaneling Olivia right now (look at that headband!). I started working out again and eating right and I lost 5 lbs! Today I went to Freash And Easy, kinda like a Trader Joes but not has hardcore hippie as Chuckie would say. ( I do love me some Trader Joes though) I bought tons of healthy stuff for lunches and breakfasts and a couple dinners so I'm ready to go on the eating part for the week. And I have planned a couple more work out sessions with Chuckie and Sandy so I am ready to lose 5 more! My getting healthy goal is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.


School Bells Ring...Are You Listening?

Okay. I think I'm actually refering about sleigh bells but this is college so, I had to switch it up a bit. Now, for those of that actually know me, you know I took a long break from school. Whatever. You waste two years, you live, you learn, you get over it. I'm glad I got my butt in action now though or in all honnesty, it probably wouldn't have happened at the speed it did. I had to come up with funds to pay for it myself ( but my Grandma Linda did help me out with books and I'm extremely grateful) and I had to argue, plead and cry with people to let me in their class. Well no crying was involved but I did have to stalk my math professor down. I had to figure things out on my own because nobody really knew the answers to m questions. But, I'm extremely proud of myself that I've come so far in a month with this. I am a full time student ( I'm actually taking 5 instead of the recommended 4) and I know if I buckle down and concentrate I can get things done. But I'm not worried, just anxious to see how my work load will be. And after school 4 days a week, I have to rush to work. But on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have a couple free hours. I don't think I will feel the need to lock myself up to get things done, but I know there will be nights I would rather be drinking pineapple rum then studying for a math test. But hopefully, if I stay on top of everything, this will just be another step in making myself more fabulous!

Friday, August 22, 2008

One More Day

Seriously. I have about 5 hours and 40 minutes left of our Summer Camp Program. And in all honesty, it's alot shorter than that. I have to work a open house event for the nearby elementry school for two hours and then get to leave a half hour early to set up for that. And then I get an hour lunch break to run around and do some errands, like to run around to the bank and the college and buy a textbook. So in all actuality, I have an hour and 40 mins. But I am so done with kids. This 9 to 6 schedule of hearing them whine and fight and tattle is killing my mojo. I'll be so happy when we're closed all next week. But then I also have to worry about being a full time + colllege student starting next week. ( Five classes, if anyone is wondering)
I can do it, I totally rock. But still, my tummy has butterflies........


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Link Love

So alot of bloggers do this from time to time and I think I might show you guys some of the cool things I find.

Over at Hostess With The Mostess she talks about a party designed after Nicky Hiltons Dining Room. Where do I sign up for an invite???

At The Domestic Diva, she talks about sewing rooms and inspiration boards. I kinda have just a bullitin board with reminders posted all over it and movie ticket stubs but after seeing this work of art, I'm smitten. The photo is curtesy of Anthropoligie, but her blog has tons of helpful tips and ideas.

Love At First Sight

Seriously The Best Movie Ever

Caught it the other night on Comedy Central. Nick and I couldn't stop laughing. It seriously is the best movie ever. Everytime you watch it you find something new to make fun of. I love books, movies and films like that.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Guide To Saving Money In Your Twenties

Now, I pick up pieces here and there of financial advice, but I honnestly thought this list on MSN was a good one. It's about saving money in your twenties, but I think anyone at any age could use some of it. You can happily read away by clicking here

To Budget Or Not Budget?

So, I've been getting pretty into financial blogs lately and reading up on finances with books like The Automatic Millionaire. I know you might be weary, but I honestly have cut back on buying stupid crap, going out to eat and spending money with friends. But, that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to talk about budgets.

To Budget or Not To Budget? That is the question.

I obviously have bills. Okay, everybody has those. And I have an income. Everybody has ( or should have) this. But my question is, should I sit down and write everything out on paper so I don't spend excess of what I have?

One of my new years resolutions this past year was to write out everything I spent my money on. This lasted for about two days. But I'm thinking of doing it again. And no matter how scary it is, I'm thinking about putting myself on a budget again.

I read in the automatic millionaire that you shouldn't be on a budget because they don't work and make you depressed. That makes me sad, I don't like being depressed. But maybe it's good to have a reality check once in awhile?

I am working on three things though at the moment with my finances. I am working on establishing an emergency fund, paying off a medical bill ( its actually a small one because the rest was covered by the hospital I went to) and trying to acquire what people call no spend days. Days where you absolutely spend no money on anything. Pretty classy I do say so. And smart.

I wondered for awhile if I should even blog about finances. A lot of people do it anonymously which is what I pondered doing as well. And who am I to say I haven't? ;) But, I've noticed in society, people never want to talk about money. Money makes people ugly and bitter. Money makes people fight. I don't want to fight about money or act like it's a dirty subject when people bring the subject up. I want to say, yes I have financial goals I'm working on because I am a strong person who wants a good life for myself. And it's better to realize this now when I'm 23 then when I'm 43. And maybe some of you can get support or ideas for yourself to use. :)

Now, does anybody have any ideas? Any ideas to help me budget or save moolah? Because I'm all for tips and ideas. :)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Supply Shopping

Its official I am a nerd.

I went back to school shopping for the first time since high school I think. Okay, no, since college in Arizona, but still. I got a warm fuzzy feeling when looking at cool steals for pencils and paper (but I stayed away from colored pens, I swear. I have a growing collection at home.) But I found the coolest pencil case, made out of recycled juice boxes. My friend Bea used to have a purse similar to the one on the right. These are now available at your local Target or, you can see them by going to online for a preview.

< terracycle

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Academy Award Goes To.......

I have been nominated for a blog award!

It's a blog award silly. Sallie's Niece nominated me for one and I'm honored. I like awards and I like to blog. Now, I am suppose to nominate 9 people for this award and although I don't really have the nine to nominate, I will post links and descriptions to the people that inspire me to blog.

Fabulously Broke In The City

will shows me that a gal who has some serious fashion taste can get it done while still maintaining a savings account.

The Domestic Diva

because someday, even though it's a secret, I would like to be somewhat domestic.

Sallie's Niece

is so refreshing to me. She is honest and I love honesty.

Oh Happy Day

likes pretty things. I love pretty things.

I am reliatvely new to blogging and I'm sure as time progresses I will be sure to yack up some more blogs. For a list of blogs I frequent, you can always look to my right. Stay tuned for the academy awards, part deux, out soon!


Food For Thought

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

I was born this day, 23 years ago. I don't feel like I'm getting older, just wiser.

This year is gonna be the year I get things done. I just know it. :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread......

Is my sister. She turned six months old today and I love her unconditionally.

It's A Baby Shower!

So during my last trip home I went to Sarah's baby shower. This was one of the best baby showers I had ever went to. I love Sarah and everybody in her family. And because Sarah is so awesome, she pretty much recieved the entire lot at Babies R Us. I was the official photographer designated by her aunt and I had a fabulous time taking the pics. All in all, this shower was an awesome success!!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Need A New Hobby? Try Personal Finance!

So after my money crisis, I realized a couple of things. Like, what the hell am I doing with my money? And that I should have an emergency fund saved up just in case. Because my is an older car. I love it to bits but it needs some work. And hopefully it will be cheap but it still needs some help. But I want to keep it because I have NO CAR PAYMENT. And for the newly financial savvy me, thats a good deal.

I also realized I spend a good chunk of change on crap. But I haven't honestly for about two weeks. I'm excited about that. And I'm excited that I still have most of my paycheck leftover from last week. And all my bills are paid. I can save money when I want to, it's just not often.

So my new hobby on my way to a new financial savvy me is personal finance. Right now, I'm reading The Automatic Millionarie and I also have been reading how some of my fellow females are handling their debts. Their listed on my current sidebar but you can also click on this list if you don't feel like going through all of them.

Sallie's Niece

Well Heeled

Fabulously Broke In The City

Sick Of Being Poor

Dreaming Of Ferrais

I get really inspired when I read their open blogs. They do it serectively which would probably be something I would do. It really makes me want to start one actually. But for now I'll just read and acquire some tips. And I hope you can do the same. :)


Impulsive Buying....Me??? Never!!!

So, the other night Nick decided he needed some live play cards for his XBOX and the Wii. The live cards are just cards you buy so you can have points to buy games that you download onto your system. And the person he is, we had to go buy them instead putting in his credit cards. Very smart though. So we proceed to Target. And then it hits me. Dollar Target.
Now, I love me some Dollar Target. It's various junk that you can buy for * gasp* a dollar. Sometimes things are 2.50 but thats a rarity. And you can find the coolest things. Like card making supplies, knick knacks, baby items and beauty products. The exact reasons I should not be allowed into the dollar section.
"Ooooo," I gasp looking at a card making kit. " I could use this for..."
"No, you don't need it," Nick says firmly.
"Look at these door beads! Aren't they cute?"
"You don't need that dear."
"Look at this clock! And this picture frame!"
"No dear."
"Ummmm, but look at this cute set!"
I sulk out of the dollar target section and out of the section.
"Now don't you feel better because you didn't spend any money?"
Sort of. But now it makes me wonder how much money I've pissed away when I didn't have anybody there to hold my hand.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mamma Mia- Here I Go Again

So, as a birthday present, Maddie and Sioux took me to see Mamma Mia. I absoultly loved the movie! It made me go buy the soundtrack and I seriously want to come up with money to go see the show live. So please don't freak out if you see a girl rocking out hardcore to some ABBA. It's probably me :)


I was super duper excited when my friends and I met up Friday night and saw Purple Reign, a Prince cover band. But of course, when you have pineapple rum in you, your not really thinking this is some random short guy that has sideburns and wears hours worth of makeup. You think it's PRINCE!!!!!!

If Only You Really Knew

How ugly I think crocs really are. I hate them. And you know what I hate even more? That parents let their kids decorate them now. Like that is going to make them cuter. So I was cracking up when this guy was calling to end crocs. I'm jumping on his band wagon.>1=43002