Monday, September 29, 2008


Last Saturday I experienced my very first intense rival game, the famous match up between UNLV and UNR. I had never heard so many **** *** in my life. Or seen so many people in red or blue. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. I had tons of fun, how could I not with the threes company crew plus Renaldo? Famous quote of the night: " If you get the Chuckie, you get the Athena and Sandy. You get all three of us!" If thats not true I honnestly don't know what is. :)

p.s did anybody notice how we had a photoshoot with our posse but none of the game?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This place looks like a hot tranny mess up in here!

Everytime I watch this it cracks me up. I seriously say tranny and hot mess all the time. Examples:

" Quit bein such a tranny!"
"Did you see that lady? She looked like a hot mess."


I'll defend you to a T!

I absoultly love purses. My earliest memory about my deep infatuation: I'm about several years old and I'm teling my mom I need a big girl purse during our annual back to school shopping adventure. She humors me and not only do I get a hot pink leather purse, I also get a hot pink blossom style hat and hot pink chuck taylors to match! God I'm stylin!I remember stuffing it with change for the snack bar, some lip gloss and tissue my grandma told me to take. I don't want to say it marked my adventure into womanhood, but it was one of those finer moments in life, along with my first manicure and the time my mom let me get the Rachel do. :)
Flash forward sixteen years later and now I can actually afford some purses. Although it may not be the Dolce & Gabanna bag I drool over, I have some Kathy bags to my name along with my candy purse from Dooney & Burke Nick's mom has blessed me with. :) I am also currently in love with a Coach purse that has my name all over it in plum. I work hard and I figure if I am already paying off my debts and saving money, why can't I splurge here and there? So I treat myself like any other red-blooded woman with a Visa would do. So you could understand my temper in defending my purse today at school.
We were talking about jeans and how some people are willing to spend up to 400 dollars a pair. Some people think it's ridiculous, others see why. And then girls start talking smack about the girls who will buy those jeans and how their superficial because they buy expensive clothes at to get looked upon but probably are un-intelligent and have nothing worth while to say. Ummm, excuse me, but seriously, what truck did these bitches come off of? Seriously. I raise my hand and said the thing that got me the gold star of the day( literally my English teacher gives us gold stars if we say something half way intelligent. I love him.) :
" Okay, I might not spend 400 dollars on a pair of jeans but I do like my purses. I have spent a bill or two. And I'm not un-intelligent. I can hold a conversation with you. Am I just a superficial skank?"
The girls went on to say that they just don't believe in it because they would rather save their money. Okay. I'm sure you would rather save your money. I have money saved too. I'm actually now smart about my finances. I just think some of my fellow females are just catty towards each other. I can't even tell you how many girls eye me up and down and then focus in on my neck or wrist on that flashy little heart, asking to be returned to a little place in New York called Tiffany & Co.
I'm sure todays conversation was meant to be taking with a grain of salt. And I'm glad everybody has an opinion. But serousily. Don't be hatin on the Kathy! Cause if your hatin on the Kathy, what happens when I walk in with the Dolce & Gabanna??? :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

My clothes actually stay on quite nicely when I have tequila. I just get really sick and worship the porcelian god instead. But on Saturday night I met up with the other members of Three's Company and had a karoke night. Chuckie sang a sweet song while Sandy and I drank pineapple rum. Ahh, just a nice little get together if I do say so myself. :)

I swear I wasn't trying to bitch slap her. I was actually wiping her cheek. :)
Like the new do??
Editors Note: See the sparkly green top I'm wearing? I haven't been able to fit itno that in FOREVER. Thank you Wii Fit!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Accessories, Here I Come!

I had a ephiany yesterday in school. I was sitting there, drooling over some girls outfit when I realized, I am not living up to my full fashion potential! I mean, I always talk smack about other people, but I bet people talk smack about me too! (Stupid unfashionable girl in the Boys And Girls Club shirts everyday) But, to my defense, its just alot easier when your running from class to work, four days a week. But alas, I'm making some fashion changes!

Now, although I vowed to myself not to buy any clothes until the day after Thanksgiving ( Nick and I have a huge shopping spree planned out. And I have been working out on my Wii Fit and dropping some pounds rather nicely.), I didn't say anything about accessories! First purchase:

This beautiful bohemian scarf from Avon. I know I sell Avon and it might sound byist, but I seriously just saw the same exact scarf in a issuse of Marie Claire, but from Urban Outfitters and it cost $42.99! The wonderful price for mine? $16.00 smackers! Woop Woop! ( and I used my Avon discount) Next piece of resistance:

This beautiful hat, again from Avon. I found one in the mall for $20.00 and I paid a sweet $7.00 ( plus discount). Ooo la la! I got the one in cream, but I'm sure it will look just as cute as the chocolate in the picture.

Thats all I bought for now. I don't think my next purchase will be coming from Avon but rather Savers or a yard sale. I'm looking for a Pucci type print scarf to dress up my Kathy Van Zealand bag and some navy and green gypsy bead necklaces. I shall keep you all tuned in to my fashion escapdes!


Go Irish!

It's kinda hard when a Michigan fan and a Notre Dame fan share a bed. Luckily, it's only mentioned when the big game comes. And last weekend, I finally won the bragging rights in my house when Notre Dame won! I kinda think its a fluke, but I'll take what I can get. Touchdown Jesus!


Elise, Nick and Julaine, please don't hate me! :O

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wish I could make out with......

Thats right. Google. I can't even begin to explain to people how much I'm obsessed with it. The only other person who can possibly understand how much I love this site it possibly Val or Sandy. Because it's like a crystal ball without the fourtune teller creepy lady who asks you for five dollars. It can tell you ANYTHING.

Does somebody really own their house? Oh Sandy can find out and get back to you with an hour. Do you need some advice for a legal venture? Let Val know and she'll forward it to you.

And anytime I question what somebody tells me ( mainly people I'm arguing with) I say, let me get back to you. The I bust out the cellphone and google it at my sparkly fingertips. Anytime I don't know something, my catchphrase is " Let me Google it!" I think I noticed my obsession though when I wondered how much money James Earl Jones was paid to do the voice of Darth Vader. And my wonderful Star Wars obsessed shiny Nickel says " Why don't you Google it babe?"

Gotta love it when great minds think alike!


p.s and if anybody else was wondering how much he got paid to do star wars, it's a couple million dollars, nothing like the other stars because he refused to be in the credits due to the controversary when Linda Blair was nominated for an oscar. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, you can google it. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Scrapbook Convention- Las Vegas Style!

My friend Miss Terilyn found out that Las Vegas was having it's very own scrapbook convention! So we went to a early breakfast and drove all the way to Cashman Center to check it out. I don't want to say I had high hopes, but I honestly did ( so did she). It wasn't too shabby but ummmm, we had a much funner ( is that a word?) time at the Scarp N Time store afterwards. But I want to say the whole thing was a learning experience, because I did some tutorials and learned the proper way to us stamps and watercolor pencils. I am tres excited to start stamping away! The whole thing also inspired me to try out some new creative ventures which I shall post later this week. But as for now, I must get back to learning about kinetic and potential energy *yawn* Somebodys gotta do it. :)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

operation declutter-day one

* not my kitchen counter but pretty darn close*

So yesterday while Nick took a nap, I decluttered the kitchen. I made a couple boxes on the couch with labels ( donate, giveaway,try to sell) found a garbage bag and went to town.
I'm embarrassed to even type this, but I ended up chucking out 4 trash bags of old, forgotten about food. ( I told it was embarrassing.) I was embarrassed running figure amonts of how much grocery money I was throwing away. I also was embarrassed thinking how many people are going to bed hungry while I chuck out enough food to feed about 30 of them. I know it's a little too early for New Years resoultions but I made one to myself to not be so wasteful of food and money. And after realizing this goal, I made a plan to help conquor it. My plan was to make a meal plan for the entire week. I think this is alot easier than dwelling about what to pack for school since I can just toss it in my lunch box and go. I also made a shopping list and stuck to only buying the items on it. I'm going to work on it all week and see how it goes. It requires self discipline but I'm getting some of that. ( hello algebra homework)

On the brightside, I ended up filling the donate box to the brim and wound up with a couple items I'm going to try to sell. ( does anybody like holly hobby plates???)


Saturday, September 6, 2008


While browsing on Peta2's website, I found this awesome IPig. Is he not the cutest thing ever? I'm positive my ITouch will fit nice and snuggly. He is going on my Chirstmas list for sure! To see more of him click here

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Sandy scored awesome tickets to the 51's game a couple of weeks back. Nick and I went with her and the kids and we had an awesome time! Thanks Sandy!

My Birthday Party!

My friends totally rock. On August 15th, I turned 23 and they threw me a birthday party! My directions were to bring Nick and show up at the bowling lanes. And they took care of the rest. I love them and I want to say thank you for everything you do for me. I couldn't ask for more!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Here! Confessions Of A Shopaholic Is Here!

Who's watching it with me?????