Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu

Where have you been all my life? My kids are finally becoming obsessive compulsive with hand sanitizer and it only took a news report or two to get them going with it. I've been told that they douse themselves at school. Swine Flu. Go figure.

Athena Valentine

Sunday, April 5, 2009

CPK, Fudge & Reminising

This weekend was short ( boo) but sweet. I babysat on Friday and Saturday for my favorite little girl who turned three this past weekend. I was touched that the family asked me to help out. I had a nice time and the girl is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I can't wait till this weekend when I can play with Foofi ( her new guinea pig) and watch some Sleeping Beauty.

Nick and I had a date this afternoon which I enjoyed because he was quite clever. I enjoy his wittiness but some of his jokes go over my head. I think we even each other quite nicely though, and bearing that in mind, our three year anniversary is coming up next month! :O It hardly seems like its been that long to be honest. We have had our ups and downs but always seem to make it thru. And make fun of each other while doing it, which keeps a smile on our face. We had some tasty California Pizza Kitchen for a early dinner and shared some fudge which tasted quite nicely when munched on in the car and even better when shared in bed while watching Speed in bed. Keanu Reeves is a freak who never ages.

Last, I decided to clean my living room, kitchen and do some laundry after Nick passed out. I came across a ton of criminal justice work I've done over the years and I've realized that even though it gets tough, my degree will be so worth it when I have it in my hand. And lastly, I know I'm in the right field. I can tell I really shine when I see all the notes teaches write over my work. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but I'm in the field of study where I need to be. I also looked over past to-do list and calendars which cracked me up. I had a pretty busy crazy life when I was younger and although I'm settled, I'm still glad that my life is still busy and crazy. I hope its like that for alot longer, I still have so many memories to make!

A New Direction

I've always really enjoyed writing. I remember being 11 years old and writing an entire mini novel. ( only for it to get lost :( ) But I really think I've been blogging in way that isin't 100% me. I have plenty of things to say and talk about but I only seem to blog about things that other people might find cool and important. When in reality, this is my blog. I can write whatever I freakin feel about and quite frankly, don't take advantage of it. I'm quite witty but really don't shine on my own space. So, my blogging is going to become more frequent and more honest, which is what I want to do with my life. Be more honest. Be more simple. Be more aware.

Here's Hoping

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Michiganders In Las Vegas

I took a break from studying this week to hang out with Nick's friend Travis who flew in from Michigan with his lady friend. Their awesome people so after a wonderful italian dinner and some drinks, we danced at the Piano Bar and Coyote Ugly. I also have new hair!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An ode To Valentines Day

I absoultly heart Valentine's Day. There is something about hearts and chocolates and the sentimental cheesiness of it all that keeps me smitten. Does it hurt that my middle name is Valentine and my tiny sister were born on the magical day as well??? But this year, I am taking all the pressure of having a magaical love fest with Sir Nickolas and skipping town. I am going home for the weekend to see my family, play dollar blackjack with Chuckie and celebrate my sisters one year on this polar ice cap melting home we call Earth. Not to say I'm not doing magical things for my honey. I am making him a Valentine to mimick this and presenting him with a box of chocolate peanut butter bears. Then when I get home on Sunday, we are going to watch Friday the 13th and eat at our favorite resturant California Pizza Kitchen. But don't think I didn't think of an ode to my wonderful charming fiance.

Dear Nick,

I can't believe it's been already three years under out belt come this May. It seems like just yesterday we would talk on the phone until 4am, make cinamon rolls without burning them and sightsee all over Las vegas while getting to know the real us. I was truly happy when you asked me to marry you on our one year anniversary and even though our future plans are on the back burner while I go to school, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for taking care of me in ways I will forever be thankful for. Thank you for letting me crawl in your lap when I've had a bad day or good one, just to let me babble in your ear. Thank you for having your own life outside of our relationship so that I may have one as well. Thank you for helping me take care of our furry children, I couldn't do it without you. Thank you for putting the Wii in the bedroom so that I can play Guitar Hero anytime the mood strikes. Thank you for letting me eat in bed even though I am the queen of crumbs. And thank you for just loving me the way I am when I wake up in the morning, with my crazy bed hair and old pajama pants I just can't seem to part with. I love you too Nickel, just the way you are.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wise Words Of The Moment

Figure out what you want to be, figure out what you want, then figure out sensible ways to get there.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

I was able to have a girls night with Sandy and her family and we went to see "He's Just Not That Into You" I remember the book from when I was younger when my friend Val picked up a copy and when I saw the famous Sex And The City episode I almost died. The movie pretty much just gave examples of famous boy behavior and the way us girls take it. I wish I read this book back in my dating days. It might have saved me some heartbreak. But then, I wouldn't have been able to meet my prince and look how we turned out. I laughed hysterically when Justin Long was on the phone. I remember recieving a message or two like that from Sir Nickolas. I give this movie, five out of five stars. It definately is a chick flick so bring your girls.

I am absoultly smitten with Ginnifer Goodwin in this movie.(left) She is completely adorable.

And I am obsessed with Jennifer Aniston's wishbone necklace she wore through out the entire movie. I now want one and am on the prowl.

Friday, February 6, 2009


THERE IS GOING TO BE A SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE SEQUEL!!!!!!! I'm excited, can't you freakin tell????

Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I Should Not- Be In Critical Thinking Class

I've came to the conclusion after last nights class, that I should not be in critial thinking aka Philosphy 102. UNLV makes you take it for about 99% of their degrees and I happen to fall under the 99%. Go figure. And I had to get on my high horse and go to and find teachers with good scores so I would know who to embrace and who to stay away from. But my math teacher was so awesome last semester I got him again this semester. Yeah!

Back on to Critical Thinking. So my teacher I picked was recommended but alot of people quoted him as being "deep" I am not a deep person. I am a bubbly talkative person who sometimes get irrationally emotional and has a NyQuil problem, plus, procrasinates until the Due Date of everything. I hate thinking about the "meaning of life" and "death" I can't handle death. It makes me hypoventilate inside. So lo n behold, my teacher opens class with " Life is too short to stress because soon, I will be dead."
*jaw drops to ground* Life is too short and soon you will be dead, but do you have to bring that up? After thinking long and hard, I decide to go to my second class. And then it outlined critical thinking.

He stated that if your life is not a problem to you, it's a problem for you. Human life is something you must make sacrifice and sustainability. If you can do these things, you will have a meaningful one. In order to have a meaingful one, you will cash in possibilites and take up offers. You will work hard and long everyday. Things will not be easy but in the end, they will not be regreted.
He also said that "The issue is not what had happened but the issue is what happens next, the future."

It sounds funny, but I am still processing these things and what they mean to me. Especially his segment about how with your rights comes a set of responsibilites and if you choose not to act on them, then don't bother complaining about your rights. Considering law school, that tidbit just puts a whole spin on things. I know one thing is for sure. I will be thinking more rationally about things and events and how they pertain to me, not just the people around me. Because, even though I like to think it's all about me, it's not. I want my life to be one that is rational and one that I can stop and say, wow, that was pretty amazing when I reflect back upon. And I think recently, I've been doing a pretty snazzy job!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Big Love Is Here!!!! Big Love Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I saw the premiere of Big Love, I've been hooked. No jaw. I am absoultly obsessed. I own both seasons on dvd and even got Nick hooked on the whow. And that's hard to do. So..... I am going to die from excitement because tonight is the night! Season 3 is finally here! Heres a little preview I snagged from Youtube

Saturday, January 17, 2009

WebMD and You..... I mean me

I am a hypocrondric. I really am. Everytime I hear of some disease with symptoms, I freak out and think that I have that disease or virus or infection and then my friends ( and Nick) have to hear about it for a week. I was scared I had too many moles for my own good and found a strange mark which the dermatologist diagnosed as a freckle. I think he was trying very had not to laugh at me. So for about a year I noticed a strange skin bump on my eyelid. I have been obsessed with it even though 95% of the people I show this to either a) can't see it and think its all in my head or b) think its just gravity pulling its weight on me. I mean, my eye isin't bulging, my vision isin't messed up and I don't seem to have any other weird serious symptoms going on. I even called my stepmom crying at midnight, convinced it was a tumor! ( And I highly doubt it is. ) Because when I pull my eye lid up, it simply disappears. And when you press on it, you can tell its skin. Hmmmm.
But, the best got to me tonight and I went on Web MD. I try to stay away from Web MD because I would probably diagnose myself with Lyme disease and start having a nervous breakdown or something. And now I feel silly. I really don't have any serious symptoms and the website diagnosed me with a skin lump with I can go to the doctor for and get antibiotics. Or it will even go away on its own eventually. Hmph. All that stress and worry for nothing. I am going to have my doctor look at it when I go to my check up in May but for now, I am taking it easy. And throwing away all of my old eye shadow and not touching my eyes anymore with dirty hands. Web MD says thas how I got it in the first place.


P.S Web MD does not take place of a doctor so if something is seriously wrong, go to one pronto!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Back Into The Swing Of Things- 100 Random Things About Me!

So, I'm finally committing back to a regular blogging schedule. I love my blog. It just ends up being neglected because I get caught up with so many other things going on in my crazy busy packed life. But enough excuses! And on to 100 awesome random things about moi!

1. I wasn't very social in high school. I am more than making up for it now.
2. I am 23 yrs old, born on Aug 15th.
3. My mom said she named me after her love for greek mythology. I can't figure if it was really that or just because she was heavily into the eighties.
4. I have a sister, a brother and another sister. I am 23 yrs older than her. What an age difference!
5. When I was 3 I tried to super glue my uncles hand to a beer can.
6. When I was 8, I claimed he pushed me off a bike. I really fell and was embarrassed. How demented I was!
7. I played with barbies until I was 13. I know I know I matured later rather than sooner. I'm still the same way!
8. My first kiss was when I was 16.
9. I used to have a coordnating bow to match my outfits. And fluffy bangs! What was I thinking?
10. When I was 9, I wanted to be the goddess Athena. Can we say stuck on myself much?
11. I moved to Las Vegas to be with the love of my life and I could not imagine doing anything more significant. Or scary.
12. I've been with Nick for almost 3 yrs. Thats the longest relationship of my life!
13. I love my job. Not alot of people can say that. I'm sure eventually I will move on to other things, but for right now, this is where God has me.
14. I am a criminal justice major. I change my major every week. I still don't know if I want to go to law school or be a forensic psychologist.
15. I am addicted to Starbucks in a unhealthy way.
16. Reading makes me extremely happy.
17. I heart mint tea.
18. Big Love and Niptuck are my current television obsessions.
19. I have a love hate relationship with the gym.
20. Target commercials to me are beautiful.
21. I am engaged but in no rush to get married. Or have kids.
22. I still sleep with a teddy bear I have had since I was 7.
23. I love to go dancing!
24. I sing very off key in my car.
25. I still prefer a piece of paper and a pen compared to a digital age.
26. I'm more of a gay men then 50% of them.
27. One day I will write the great american novel.
28. I'm way too social for my own good.
29. I hate staying home.
30. I am a crazy driver.
31. Black and hot pink are my favorite colors.
32. One day I will drive a pontiac solistice.
33. I am getting braces this year. I am ready to relive junior high.
34. I think sleeping is a waste of time but can't get enough of it.
35. I eat in bed. It drives Nick crazy! But he does it too!
36. I am an animal person. A big one! I adopted a rat from Petco and everything!
37. My favorite song is No Rain by Blind Melon.
38. I love fashion.
39. And fashion magazines.
40. And Target!!!!!
41. I babysit for side money. And make cute things on etsy!
42. My drink of choice is a shirly temple or Malibu Pineapple.
43. My middle name is Valentine.
44. I'm obsessed with animal print.
45. Nick proposed to me with my mothers wedding ring.
46. I collect sunglasses.
47. And purses.
48. Three's Company Too!

Okay your only going to get 48 things out of me. But I think thats enough randomness in the world about yours truly. I'm excited to have another hundred posts with you friends if only I could think about things to write about! Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

December- A Recap

Okay. I promised a more updated post about where I have been all month long. And this is my slide show. :)

Christmas Parties! I went to about a million of them. Okay, in all reality, it was seven. For somebody who wasn't social in high school, I sure am making a comeback! Malibu Rum and all!

I snuck away to Bullhead for a weekend and caught up with some family and friends. I am happy to report my sister has taken well to Dooney & Burke. She was upset when I left , I think not because I was leaving but because I was taking the purse with me.

Did somebody say snow? Las Vegas got about seven inches in some winter storm fluke. Nobody knew how to drive, including myself, and it ended up taking me an hour and a half to get home. It usually takes me about 15-20 minutes, depending on the usage of my led foot and some timing on the red lights.

I know I'm a goober, I made Nick take a picture of the city name sign. But I thought it looked bad ass.

My friend Valerie and her husband came to visit Las Vegas. We went to dinner at the ESPN Zone, got drinks at Fat Tuesdays, walked the strip and played air hockey at F A O Scwartz. I don't care what anybody says, I will still pronounce it Fao, not F A O. It sounds fancier. :)

I volunteered at a Christmas Party which was a community outreach program. Santa came in on Hot Rod and I drooled over various 65' Shelby Mustangs and 68' Chevelles.
I also worked the toy department, where I would have to go thru toys and hand them to the person standing next to the Santa Claus. It got hot, sweaty and stressful. Thats when I gave up, found my friends and ate hot dogs. But to my defense, other people wanted my section so I let them have it.

But that left for more exciting activites, like watching Sandy make skid marks in the hallway on bicycles. Don't worry, the bikes were handed out and we weren't caught. :)

I then went to Michigan for a week with Nick. We ate tones of food, did shopping and just relaxed. I love his family. Look at his niece, isin't she so freakin cute with him?

Nick and I snuck away for a sunset on the beach. The waves crashed into the snow walls that lined the shoreline and a sense of calm just washes over you. Until you realize your surronded my fellow cars and wonder what exactly are they doing in the back seat......

Our flight was running late, so instead of going through the terminal, they basically just kicked us out the door and had us run out to the flight and climb up a ladder to get in the airplane. I felt like such a jetsetter. Until the hillbilly in flip flops pushed me.

Today was Jan 1st, so not December, but I went shopping with Sandy and bought these adorable Coach shoes for...... $30.00 Original Price??? $129.00. Don't ask how... I have my ways....( Dillards was having an amazing shoe sale. It was perfect. )

Aren't they cute???? The end to my crazy month. I'm drinking some NyQuil and going to bed now. :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Year New Me

I honnestly have tons more to blog about with cool photos and everything. But, needless to say, my photos are not uploaded off my cool new Samsung camera ( thanx babe!) So instead, I will blog about my cool new year resolutions! I will throw all those photos in a blog though I promise! It just may be after Nick and I return from Michigan, :)

1. Get healthy- I'm not even saying I want to lose weight or be able to run a marathon. Although, now that I think about it, that would be cool. I just want to be healthy and not have tons of health issues, like I have been having. Blah. This might include a weekend to myself where I just sit at home and stare at the wall.

2. Work on my money- I want to be wonderful with money and have tons of it. This might mean doing more for the etsy store, getting a new job, babysitting, but I need some more funds!

3. Do well in school- I really want to be at UNLV by 2010. I mean it. I'm done with this community college business. Blah.

4. Organize- I want to organize my apartment better and decorate. I always say this too. Blah.

5. Learn how to walk in high heels- I kinda stomp around when I wear these and I would love to walk like hedi Klum instead. :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Cleavland!

Or Michigan or Colorado or wherever my blogging audience lives. ( Arizona, I didn't forget about you too!) I have been a very bad blogger and I can tell my blog feels neglected. It's just been nonstop with finals and work and social gatherings and getting sick and well, you get the drift. School is almost done though, I have my last two finals tomorrow and I'm ready to rock out! And maybe blog out too. You never quite know around these parts.......

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Pain

Yeah Im in a lot of pain and thats why I've been an inactive blogger. My tooth broke Sunday night and I ended up having the whole thing extracted. And it ended up being surgery. I'm making an appointment with Nick's dentist to start the work on my pearly chompers. But until my mouth heels, I shall be quiet round these parts.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mom Shop A Thon!

I joined the Mom Shop A Thon this year on Tip Junkie which is ran by the fablous Miss Laurie. She really is a sweetheart and such a creative person and I'm honored to be able to post a link to my store on her fabulous site. For reference click here :

And you can always go to my etsy store thru its link on my sidebar or by clicking here:

Can't Wait To Christmas Shop

Meet Your New President

Thats right home skillets. It's Barack. And I didn't care that I was one in a sea of republicans in a bar. I screamed my little heart out when it flashed across the screen. What were they gonna do kick me out? Chuckie was drinkin beer!

Change. Its whats for dinner.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Let's Do The Time Warp Again!

Happy Belated Halloween! We kicked off Halloween early this year by going to a show at The Venetian. The Blue Man Group was something I've been dying to see and was so excited when we scored tickets! *squeals with glee* We had awesome seats and were covered with toliet paper. Success! And of course, we took pics. Nick even got in on the action.

Last night we attended a local drag show and had a blast. See Tim Curry Below? I now have the time warp permantly stuck in my head.

We made a new friend! Maria Tortilla!

And last but not least, we met my dream man Mr. Post-It! I had to take a photo with him. And he actually won best costume! All in all, Halloween 08' was a blast! Hope everybody else had a good one.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama

I remember two Christmas's ago when I was talking crap about Hilary Clinton. For some reason, I can't stand that woman. (entirely different blog entry) But, I did fall in love with Barack Obama and changed my political party about six months ago. I feel like all the people who fell in love with Robert F. Kennedy in the 60's. I feel like we are ready for a change and he is the one to bring it. Tonight when I watched his special, I started bawling and had to call my friend Jamie, the only one who crys at simple things with me. We're peas in a pod ;) . But it really moved me and I'm glad I never doubted my descion to vote for him two weekends ago. I'm tired of education and health care and outshoring jobs and it needs to be fixed. And no, John McCain won't be the one to do it. But my blog isin't to bash people, okay Sarah Palin, I can see Russia too, it's called a map, but in serialness, all of you need to get off your asses and go vote. Just vote for whoever benefits your needs. Just don't bitch to me if you don't vote. I'll punch you in your face.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dancing With The Stars- Hip Hop Edition!

So, I haven't been able to sit down and watch t.v much except for about three shows since school started and I honestly miss Dancing With The Stars. So I was able to catch it tonight and I kinda had a what the fuck face on for most of it. They did a group dance and it was hip hop and maybe I'm byist by working in the ghetto everyday, but THIS IS NOT HIP HOP! Even Lance Bass from N'SYNC couldn't save it. Which made me sad, because being the ever optimistic faghag, I think Lance Bass is HOTT. ;) But don't take my word for it.

*The video is kinda funky, but it was the only one that really wouldn't freeze.*


Monday, October 27, 2008

Monster Mash

This past Saturday Nick and I attended Chuckie's mom's annual Halloween Bash. ( Did that make sense?) I originally was going to go as a slutty Alice but at the last minute I matched my costume with Nick. He went as a vampire and I went as a slutty Can Can Girl/ Nick's Victim. You can't see but I have blood smeared on my Nick. We've been watching too much True Blood lately.

We also went with Nick's friends to go see Saw 5. It wasn't the best one in the series and it kinda disappointed me. But.......

If I woke up in the box below, I'd be kinda crappy feeling too. I must say, I wonder how the last and final installment is going to turn out. I want to play a game.........


Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Child Memory #247

Convincing my parents to buy me the soundtrack from Wayne's World and my dad reancting this class scene from the movie in his car. Priceless.

Happy Friday

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Not Saying This To Anyone In Particular...

but it's really starting to piss me off that people think that I have no life because

A.) I have no children and
B.) Because I'm not married.

I'm not going to sit here and bad mouth people who are these things because I get excited when these things happen to my friends and family. I'm very supporitive and willing to celebrate. But I do get naucous when I think about these things happening to me. I'm simply not ready for these things because they take a big commitment and I have other things on mind, mainly school and figuring out how to fund a Chanel bag. But people just assume because I don't have these things everything else I do just isin't important. And I'm not saying watching a South Park marathon with Nick or running away to Gay Days at Disneyland is as equally important as watching your kid walk for the first time but damn people, throw me a bone here. I have nothing to compare your life too! And it's not just one person that does this to me, it's alot of people. It is some friends and work and family. I do have a life. And I have started my own family. It may not be a husband and children, but it's a fiance who would do anything for me and people who hold my hand when I hypervenalite on a roller coaster and my vanilla mommy and two darling little creatures who live in my dining room table and depend on me for everything. And that too me is equally important. :)


p.s again, im not saying this into anyone particular so don't get your panties in a bunch. i'm just saying.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Clutter Be Gone

*How Nick sees me every morning, instead of on the bed it's the couch or closet floor....*

I can't remember when I started realizing I was a hardcore pack rat. I think when it came to going over to friends houses, I realized a) I really was living it up as a only child and b) I had tons of junk. Flash forward to the year 2008 and a) I don't really live it up as a only child anymore but its cool and b) I still have tons of junk. I'm surronded by clothes and knick kancks and useless upon useless shit. I don't even know why I own half the shit I own besides I feel guilt getting rid of things and I feel sentimental towards it. But why? It's just a freakin object. So I am making it my new mission besides getting healthy ( which I actually worked out and bought Trader Joes out of business last night) but I want to lead a cleaner more relaxed life. I am going to start cutting things out that just take up energy and give me no pleasure. First thing to go, the Avon link on the side bar. I love beauty products but just can't get into it. I hope by doing this I can put more time into my etsy store and if I get really strapped for cash, I can always pick up a side job like babysitting or making some cards for people who requested it. And I honnestly am going to start selling things I can sell on Ebay and Craigslist because even though the economy is in the crappy, people are stilling buying junk. Life is too short to waste time and energy on things that don't reward you. And I'm beginning to figure that out.