Monday, April 7, 2008

viva las vegas

So last week my friend Bridgette and I went to go see a free show on the strip thanks to We saw Trent Carlini, the winner of The Next Big Thing, or at least I think it was some show like that. Anyways, he is a Elvis impersonator and I think was pretty good, right down to his Elvis scraves and shiny rhinestones. Of course he performs Viva Las Vegas, which I happen to like the Wayne Newton version the best. But there was a cool slideshow that went with the song, with pictures of the Rat Pack ( I love the Rat Pack) and pictures of the real elvis and pictures of what Las Vegas has become over the years. But I kinda got choked up. I can honnestly say that I love Las Vegas. I mean, we sort of have a love-hate relationship. I hate tourist, but I love doing touristy thins. I hate traffice, but I love that there is so many choices of places to go. I love it that not everybody knows your name and the city always gives your opportunities to rediscover and reinvent yourself. So, here to you Las Vegas. I love you. I know I may not always live here for the rest of my days, but baby, I'm here now. And I love you to pieces!


Athena Valentine