Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Year Under The Influence

So I'm about to be 23 in *drumroll* 15 days. I'm not siked but I like my birthday so I am excited. I plan on cosmic bowling and root beer floats that make my tummy swoon. But, I'm weary. Is this the year that I make life happen for myself or sit back and let it happen?

I usually do goals but for some reason, they never really stick. So, what about ideas? Ideas that I have for myself at this stage in my life.

1. Finish my AA degree. This is a very possible idea. I ended up not having as many classes as I thought I had left so UNLV will probably be my school by this time next year.

2. Become a healthier me. Notice how I didn't say, lose tons of weight. Yeah, I would love to wake up one day and be noticebly slimmer. But this won't happen. I'm realistic. I am going to start taking care of myself by sleeping more, eating healthier, excersing, meditation and keeping good care of my health.

3. Become a financial guru. Okay, guru might be too strong of a word, but I do want to become more financially independent and well off. I want to have a savings account and not have to borrow money off people for unexpected finances, like school. If I just keep telling myself I'm broke, it might do the trick.

4. Along with the lines of financial guru, I want to be somewhat out of my debt. I think if I work hard and stay on top of it, this is another possibility.

5. Be more creative. I want to do one creative thng a week, be it making a new dish or organzing and decorating my closet. I feel like there are so many things I want to try and not enough time in the day.

So thats about it. I'm ready to take on my year at being 23. Bring it on!