Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex And The City- The Movie

So, after many years of wathing reruns, on TBS and of my own collection, I happily skipped arm in arm with my friends this afternoon to the Sex And The City movie. I about died from gushing with excitment, oozing from every pore. I loved the show and after pondering how I felt about the movie, I can say I honnestly love it too. I wasn't sure what I was expecting, how each character was going to grow. But I learned some lessons from this movie that I wasn't expecting. Ahem.

1. Forgiveness is a big part of life.

2. Fashion is what you make it. Learn your labels early.

3. Love might make you do some very stupid things. But then again, so does vodka!

4. Please don't wear fur to fashion week.

5. If people won't be there to celebrate on New Year's, chinese takeout always will be.

6. There's nothing like your friends so cherish them. I know I sure do. :)