Friday, January 16, 2009

Finally Back Into The Swing Of Things- 100 Random Things About Me!

So, I'm finally committing back to a regular blogging schedule. I love my blog. It just ends up being neglected because I get caught up with so many other things going on in my crazy busy packed life. But enough excuses! And on to 100 awesome random things about moi!

1. I wasn't very social in high school. I am more than making up for it now.
2. I am 23 yrs old, born on Aug 15th.
3. My mom said she named me after her love for greek mythology. I can't figure if it was really that or just because she was heavily into the eighties.
4. I have a sister, a brother and another sister. I am 23 yrs older than her. What an age difference!
5. When I was 3 I tried to super glue my uncles hand to a beer can.
6. When I was 8, I claimed he pushed me off a bike. I really fell and was embarrassed. How demented I was!
7. I played with barbies until I was 13. I know I know I matured later rather than sooner. I'm still the same way!
8. My first kiss was when I was 16.
9. I used to have a coordnating bow to match my outfits. And fluffy bangs! What was I thinking?
10. When I was 9, I wanted to be the goddess Athena. Can we say stuck on myself much?
11. I moved to Las Vegas to be with the love of my life and I could not imagine doing anything more significant. Or scary.
12. I've been with Nick for almost 3 yrs. Thats the longest relationship of my life!
13. I love my job. Not alot of people can say that. I'm sure eventually I will move on to other things, but for right now, this is where God has me.
14. I am a criminal justice major. I change my major every week. I still don't know if I want to go to law school or be a forensic psychologist.
15. I am addicted to Starbucks in a unhealthy way.
16. Reading makes me extremely happy.
17. I heart mint tea.
18. Big Love and Niptuck are my current television obsessions.
19. I have a love hate relationship with the gym.
20. Target commercials to me are beautiful.
21. I am engaged but in no rush to get married. Or have kids.
22. I still sleep with a teddy bear I have had since I was 7.
23. I love to go dancing!
24. I sing very off key in my car.
25. I still prefer a piece of paper and a pen compared to a digital age.
26. I'm more of a gay men then 50% of them.
27. One day I will write the great american novel.
28. I'm way too social for my own good.
29. I hate staying home.
30. I am a crazy driver.
31. Black and hot pink are my favorite colors.
32. One day I will drive a pontiac solistice.
33. I am getting braces this year. I am ready to relive junior high.
34. I think sleeping is a waste of time but can't get enough of it.
35. I eat in bed. It drives Nick crazy! But he does it too!
36. I am an animal person. A big one! I adopted a rat from Petco and everything!
37. My favorite song is No Rain by Blind Melon.
38. I love fashion.
39. And fashion magazines.
40. And Target!!!!!
41. I babysit for side money. And make cute things on etsy!
42. My drink of choice is a shirly temple or Malibu Pineapple.
43. My middle name is Valentine.
44. I'm obsessed with animal print.
45. Nick proposed to me with my mothers wedding ring.
46. I collect sunglasses.
47. And purses.
48. Three's Company Too!

Okay your only going to get 48 things out of me. But I think thats enough randomness in the world about yours truly. I'm excited to have another hundred posts with you friends if only I could think about things to write about! Stay tuned!