Saturday, January 17, 2009

WebMD and You..... I mean me

I am a hypocrondric. I really am. Everytime I hear of some disease with symptoms, I freak out and think that I have that disease or virus or infection and then my friends ( and Nick) have to hear about it for a week. I was scared I had too many moles for my own good and found a strange mark which the dermatologist diagnosed as a freckle. I think he was trying very had not to laugh at me. So for about a year I noticed a strange skin bump on my eyelid. I have been obsessed with it even though 95% of the people I show this to either a) can't see it and think its all in my head or b) think its just gravity pulling its weight on me. I mean, my eye isin't bulging, my vision isin't messed up and I don't seem to have any other weird serious symptoms going on. I even called my stepmom crying at midnight, convinced it was a tumor! ( And I highly doubt it is. ) Because when I pull my eye lid up, it simply disappears. And when you press on it, you can tell its skin. Hmmmm.
But, the best got to me tonight and I went on Web MD. I try to stay away from Web MD because I would probably diagnose myself with Lyme disease and start having a nervous breakdown or something. And now I feel silly. I really don't have any serious symptoms and the website diagnosed me with a skin lump with I can go to the doctor for and get antibiotics. Or it will even go away on its own eventually. Hmph. All that stress and worry for nothing. I am going to have my doctor look at it when I go to my check up in May but for now, I am taking it easy. And throwing away all of my old eye shadow and not touching my eyes anymore with dirty hands. Web MD says thas how I got it in the first place.


P.S Web MD does not take place of a doctor so if something is seriously wrong, go to one pronto!


Bayjb said...

I cannot go to WebMD about symptoms because I will think I'm dying. But it was helpful a few weeks ago for feeling sick so I can't totally knock it.