Sunday, April 5, 2009

CPK, Fudge & Reminising

This weekend was short ( boo) but sweet. I babysat on Friday and Saturday for my favorite little girl who turned three this past weekend. I was touched that the family asked me to help out. I had a nice time and the girl is one of my favorite people in the whole world. I can't wait till this weekend when I can play with Foofi ( her new guinea pig) and watch some Sleeping Beauty.

Nick and I had a date this afternoon which I enjoyed because he was quite clever. I enjoy his wittiness but some of his jokes go over my head. I think we even each other quite nicely though, and bearing that in mind, our three year anniversary is coming up next month! :O It hardly seems like its been that long to be honest. We have had our ups and downs but always seem to make it thru. And make fun of each other while doing it, which keeps a smile on our face. We had some tasty California Pizza Kitchen for a early dinner and shared some fudge which tasted quite nicely when munched on in the car and even better when shared in bed while watching Speed in bed. Keanu Reeves is a freak who never ages.

Last, I decided to clean my living room, kitchen and do some laundry after Nick passed out. I came across a ton of criminal justice work I've done over the years and I've realized that even though it gets tough, my degree will be so worth it when I have it in my hand. And lastly, I know I'm in the right field. I can tell I really shine when I see all the notes teaches write over my work. Sometimes it may not feel like it, but I'm in the field of study where I need to be. I also looked over past to-do list and calendars which cracked me up. I had a pretty busy crazy life when I was younger and although I'm settled, I'm still glad that my life is still busy and crazy. I hope its like that for alot longer, I still have so many memories to make!

A New Direction

I've always really enjoyed writing. I remember being 11 years old and writing an entire mini novel. ( only for it to get lost :( ) But I really think I've been blogging in way that isin't 100% me. I have plenty of things to say and talk about but I only seem to blog about things that other people might find cool and important. When in reality, this is my blog. I can write whatever I freakin feel about and quite frankly, don't take advantage of it. I'm quite witty but really don't shine on my own space. So, my blogging is going to become more frequent and more honest, which is what I want to do with my life. Be more honest. Be more simple. Be more aware.

Here's Hoping