Sunday, May 4, 2008

Liza Minelli

So about three months ago, I ventured into Petco to buy some crickets for our lizards when I saw a huge free sign on a table by the front entrance. Next to the free sign was a 10 gallon tank with a rat in it. She was cute and furry and feisty. I asked the manager why was she free and she said it was confirmed earlier that morning by the vet that the rat was blind in one eye. But she was only free if she were going to a good home. I brought her back to my club with me in a heart beat.

So this weekend I realized that it was going to be a three day weekend at my work and I brought her home with me on Thursday. And I think Nick fell in love with her because he's begging me to keep her home with us. I'm not sure if she will be staying but she sure is loveable enough. Here are some photos. ( They are kinda blurry but she was acting like she needed Prozac)