Friday, May 2, 2008


Dear Tori Spelling,

Must I say, your book rocked my socks off! I was never a big fan, all the t.v movies I've seen with you in them could never hold my attention long enough and I'm just a tad bit young to remember the 90210 craze. But when I settled down to read your autobiography, I just couldn't get enough of you. :) Your book made me laugh so hard I woke Nick up when he was sleeping. It made me sneak peeks of it at stop lights. When I should have been reffing a game of pool between 11 yr olds, I was reading about your crazy roommate Pete. I loved your show on Oxygen because I tend to see so many simularities between us and now it's official. I'm a huge fan! I want to meet for lunch one day and talk about your jewelery making, your ways out of debt and your infamous daisy dress. And most of all, I just want to laugh with you.