Friday, September 19, 2008

Accessories, Here I Come!

I had a ephiany yesterday in school. I was sitting there, drooling over some girls outfit when I realized, I am not living up to my full fashion potential! I mean, I always talk smack about other people, but I bet people talk smack about me too! (Stupid unfashionable girl in the Boys And Girls Club shirts everyday) But, to my defense, its just alot easier when your running from class to work, four days a week. But alas, I'm making some fashion changes!

Now, although I vowed to myself not to buy any clothes until the day after Thanksgiving ( Nick and I have a huge shopping spree planned out. And I have been working out on my Wii Fit and dropping some pounds rather nicely.), I didn't say anything about accessories! First purchase:

This beautiful bohemian scarf from Avon. I know I sell Avon and it might sound byist, but I seriously just saw the same exact scarf in a issuse of Marie Claire, but from Urban Outfitters and it cost $42.99! The wonderful price for mine? $16.00 smackers! Woop Woop! ( and I used my Avon discount) Next piece of resistance:

This beautiful hat, again from Avon. I found one in the mall for $20.00 and I paid a sweet $7.00 ( plus discount). Ooo la la! I got the one in cream, but I'm sure it will look just as cute as the chocolate in the picture.

Thats all I bought for now. I don't think my next purchase will be coming from Avon but rather Savers or a yard sale. I'm looking for a Pucci type print scarf to dress up my Kathy Van Zealand bag and some navy and green gypsy bead necklaces. I shall keep you all tuned in to my fashion escapdes!