Sunday, September 7, 2008

operation declutter-day one

* not my kitchen counter but pretty darn close*

So yesterday while Nick took a nap, I decluttered the kitchen. I made a couple boxes on the couch with labels ( donate, giveaway,try to sell) found a garbage bag and went to town.
I'm embarrassed to even type this, but I ended up chucking out 4 trash bags of old, forgotten about food. ( I told it was embarrassing.) I was embarrassed running figure amonts of how much grocery money I was throwing away. I also was embarrassed thinking how many people are going to bed hungry while I chuck out enough food to feed about 30 of them. I know it's a little too early for New Years resoultions but I made one to myself to not be so wasteful of food and money. And after realizing this goal, I made a plan to help conquor it. My plan was to make a meal plan for the entire week. I think this is alot easier than dwelling about what to pack for school since I can just toss it in my lunch box and go. I also made a shopping list and stuck to only buying the items on it. I'm going to work on it all week and see how it goes. It requires self discipline but I'm getting some of that. ( hello algebra homework)

On the brightside, I ended up filling the donate box to the brim and wound up with a couple items I'm going to try to sell. ( does anybody like holly hobby plates???)



Bayjb said...

Wow i wish my pantry looked like that. I'm way not that organized. But thank you for the inspiration.

The Uytioco's said...

Hmmmmm...Nick taking a nap...can't imagine :) Just kidding!!! Good job organizing.