Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'll defend you to a T!

I absoultly love purses. My earliest memory about my deep infatuation: I'm about several years old and I'm teling my mom I need a big girl purse during our annual back to school shopping adventure. She humors me and not only do I get a hot pink leather purse, I also get a hot pink blossom style hat and hot pink chuck taylors to match! God I'm stylin!I remember stuffing it with change for the snack bar, some lip gloss and tissue my grandma told me to take. I don't want to say it marked my adventure into womanhood, but it was one of those finer moments in life, along with my first manicure and the time my mom let me get the Rachel do. :)
Flash forward sixteen years later and now I can actually afford some purses. Although it may not be the Dolce & Gabanna bag I drool over, I have some Kathy bags to my name along with my candy purse from Dooney & Burke Nick's mom has blessed me with. :) I am also currently in love with a Coach purse that has my name all over it in plum. I work hard and I figure if I am already paying off my debts and saving money, why can't I splurge here and there? So I treat myself like any other red-blooded woman with a Visa would do. So you could understand my temper in defending my purse today at school.
We were talking about jeans and how some people are willing to spend up to 400 dollars a pair. Some people think it's ridiculous, others see why. And then girls start talking smack about the girls who will buy those jeans and how their superficial because they buy expensive clothes at to get looked upon but probably are un-intelligent and have nothing worth while to say. Ummm, excuse me, but seriously, what truck did these bitches come off of? Seriously. I raise my hand and said the thing that got me the gold star of the day( literally my English teacher gives us gold stars if we say something half way intelligent. I love him.) :
" Okay, I might not spend 400 dollars on a pair of jeans but I do like my purses. I have spent a bill or two. And I'm not un-intelligent. I can hold a conversation with you. Am I just a superficial skank?"
The girls went on to say that they just don't believe in it because they would rather save their money. Okay. I'm sure you would rather save your money. I have money saved too. I'm actually now smart about my finances. I just think some of my fellow females are just catty towards each other. I can't even tell you how many girls eye me up and down and then focus in on my neck or wrist on that flashy little heart, asking to be returned to a little place in New York called Tiffany & Co.
I'm sure todays conversation was meant to be taking with a grain of salt. And I'm glad everybody has an opinion. But serousily. Don't be hatin on the Kathy! Cause if your hatin on the Kathy, what happens when I walk in with the Dolce & Gabanna??? :)


Bayjb said...

I used to say I would never carry a purse and now I love them. LOVE them. I can afford some nice ones and definitely save for a few but it's my thing. Everyone has it.