Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I wish I could make out with......

Thats right. Google. I can't even begin to explain to people how much I'm obsessed with it. The only other person who can possibly understand how much I love this site it possibly Val or Sandy. Because it's like a crystal ball without the fourtune teller creepy lady who asks you for five dollars. It can tell you ANYTHING.

Does somebody really own their house? Oh Sandy can find out and get back to you with an hour. Do you need some advice for a legal venture? Let Val know and she'll forward it to you.

And anytime I question what somebody tells me ( mainly people I'm arguing with) I say, let me get back to you. The I bust out the cellphone and google it at my sparkly fingertips. Anytime I don't know something, my catchphrase is " Let me Google it!" I think I noticed my obsession though when I wondered how much money James Earl Jones was paid to do the voice of Darth Vader. And my wonderful Star Wars obsessed shiny Nickel says " Why don't you Google it babe?"

Gotta love it when great minds think alike!


p.s and if anybody else was wondering how much he got paid to do star wars, it's a couple million dollars, nothing like the other stars because he refused to be in the credits due to the controversary when Linda Blair was nominated for an oscar. If anyone doesn't know what I'm talking about, you can google it. :)


Bayjb said...

I do really love Google Reader and Google Maps, I cannot live without both. I'm just breaking into GMail though. Verdict is still out.