Monday, October 20, 2008

Clutter Be Gone

*How Nick sees me every morning, instead of on the bed it's the couch or closet floor....*

I can't remember when I started realizing I was a hardcore pack rat. I think when it came to going over to friends houses, I realized a) I really was living it up as a only child and b) I had tons of junk. Flash forward to the year 2008 and a) I don't really live it up as a only child anymore but its cool and b) I still have tons of junk. I'm surronded by clothes and knick kancks and useless upon useless shit. I don't even know why I own half the shit I own besides I feel guilt getting rid of things and I feel sentimental towards it. But why? It's just a freakin object. So I am making it my new mission besides getting healthy ( which I actually worked out and bought Trader Joes out of business last night) but I want to lead a cleaner more relaxed life. I am going to start cutting things out that just take up energy and give me no pleasure. First thing to go, the Avon link on the side bar. I love beauty products but just can't get into it. I hope by doing this I can put more time into my etsy store and if I get really strapped for cash, I can always pick up a side job like babysitting or making some cards for people who requested it. And I honnestly am going to start selling things I can sell on Ebay and Craigslist because even though the economy is in the crappy, people are stilling buying junk. Life is too short to waste time and energy on things that don't reward you. And I'm beginning to figure that out.



Bayjb said...

Yeah I'm totally a pack rat too. I am okay about throwing some things out but not others, until I go into a spastic cleaning rage then it's all fair game!

Athena Valentine said...

We can be pack rats together Jes. :)