Sunday, May 25, 2008

L is for the way you look at me........

So, my Sunday ritual is to hang out with my friend Teri, go to various craft shops in the city and then finally settling down at her kitchen table, scrapbooking and gossiping. Well, one thing I've been dying to find and decortae is a word album from BoBunny. I haven't been able to find the one I was looking for anywhere and was becoming discouraged. But, thanks to the powers that be ( and me probably asking everytime I go in there if they have it yet) Scrappin Time finally had them in. Now I have my own Love album to decorate! Ta Dah! Now, if only I could figure out exactly how I want to decorate it......

Graduation Day!

So my friends Maddie and Gabriel finally graduated high school. I feel so old now for some reason, especially when I read on the pamphlet that my favorite teachers were still there and still teaching.*sniffle* But I'm glad Nick and I went to their graduation ceremony. I'm very happy for tbe bright future they have ahead of them.

in the mouth the thumb will go

So, due to Grampa Roger, my sister has finally figured out how to put the thumb in the mouth. *sigh* But she sure is cute doing it! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oprah Goes Vegan!

In honor of World Wide Vegetarian Week, I was very shocked and pleased when I learned Oprah was going Vegan for 21 days, as part of a fast of a new novel she's reading. I was so stoked! See, when I was younger, I started watching Oprah. And she just kinda became my idol. I love watching her show in the mornings and I love how she has the opportunity to influence millions. So, if she shares her struggles and successes with her fans, I'm sure it will be a trend to catch on. I love Oprah! I hope she keeps it up!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vegetarian Week!

So I have been vegetarian again for awhile this time and its sticking pretty nicely. I have to say, it just gets easier and its been one of the best choices I've ever made for myself and my lifestyle. In honor of National Vegetarian Week, I am putting this PETA video on my blog. I watched it at work and it was just heart breaking for me to watch because I care so deeply about animals. ( Hello, I resuced a rat!) So although I won't be throwing booklets at you while you enter KFC, I just ask you be informed. Thats all. In this following video, their are 30 reasons to go veg. And now is easier than ever, with all the vegetarian options. I hope you pledge veg this year and make it stick!

Watch more videos at

sarah's pre baby shower

So Bridgette threw Sarah a pre baby shower. Her real one is in August but Bridgette is moving so she decided to throw one last get together for us girls. She and Amanda did a great job putting it together, all I was in charge of was goody bags. We ate, opened presents and decorate t-shirts and photo frames. And we gossiped until the wee hours of the morning. Somethings will never change. :)

Athena, Amanda, Sarah, Raschelle, Bridgette

growing like a weed

So on a recent trip home, I of course saw my sister. And she is growing like a weed! She's only 3 mths old and she giggles. And now will yack your ear off. And she likes to watch television. She's going to be in for a world of hurt when I tell her CSI Las Vegas collects all their evidence wrong. I know Nick sure was. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Mom

Dear Mom,

This is a really hard letter to write but I'm doing it anyways. This day only comes once a year and although I cried last weekend about it, I think I'm doing really good so far today. I miss you Mom, more than I think you realized. It doesn't go away, but at least now I can talk more freely about you and even want to scrapbook our photos! Only now am I wanting to celebrate holidays. Holidays just weren't the same for a long time but now it's better. And I even wanted to celebrate this one!

I'm doing really good. I'm finally getting motivated to get on the right track. Not that my track is bad, but I'm getting some choices done and out of the way. Nick and I are doing great, not that I want to run down the aisle anytime soon, but I think we are just enjoying ourselves. And that's good, because everybody goes at a different pace. But I'm trying to live my life, like you always told me to do.

And living life I am. I have wonderful friends, family and things going on right now in my life and I couldn't be happier. Well, I could if you were here, but you know what I mean. I hope I'm making you proud Mom and thank you for still being there throughout all these years. You may not physically be here, but I know you listen to me. And I know you still love me. Mom, thats the best of all. Because I love you too. :)
Love Beanbie

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bush McCain Challange

So I stole this from Jamie's blog. I love how correct and funny she is. Please take it and see if you can tell the difference between McCain and Bush. I couldn't, their both dips. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wasting My Time

So, this past week alot has really hit me. I'm going to be 23 pretty soon and I'm no where in my life I was really hoping to be by the time I was 23. Now, I never imagined I'd meet a wonderful guy and move to Las Vegas. I never imagined I'd meet more great friends who I love dearly and would let me sleep on the couch if I ever needed it. I never imagined I'd finally be a big sister from my dad. I never imagined some of the wonderful things that have happened to me in my life as of lately. But I also realized that some things I've really wanted to do I haven't done them yet. I haven't finished my degree ( gasp) I haven't lost all the weight I've wanted to use ( gasp) and I'm not as financially independent as I was hoping to be ( gasp) Don't take me wrong, I've done some great strides in my life. I just feel like I'm at a standstill for some reason. It really sucks, but I'm just lacking the motivation. Until yesterday. I sat around and thought, what motivates me? TIme. I'm always afraid of wasting time and I always ask the time. I think, I did all this but I shoild have done this. I'm a procrasinator, a time waster! So, now for motivation, I'm going to be giving myself some time lines. I hope this works better for me. First timeline, to have lost 30 more pounds by my birthday. My birthday is in August and I have alot of important things going on then. Baby showers, my birthday, high school reuniun with friend, summer trip to michigan, fall classes. My month is gonna be booked. I also would like to give myself until August to signifaicantly save up some stellar funds. This means I need to be more picky about what I spend money on and work harder with my Avon business. I know I can do it! I'm super excited, I am gonna be achieivng these goals in no time!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Liza Minelli

So about three months ago, I ventured into Petco to buy some crickets for our lizards when I saw a huge free sign on a table by the front entrance. Next to the free sign was a 10 gallon tank with a rat in it. She was cute and furry and feisty. I asked the manager why was she free and she said it was confirmed earlier that morning by the vet that the rat was blind in one eye. But she was only free if she were going to a good home. I brought her back to my club with me in a heart beat.

So this weekend I realized that it was going to be a three day weekend at my work and I brought her home with me on Thursday. And I think Nick fell in love with her because he's begging me to keep her home with us. I'm not sure if she will be staying but she sure is loveable enough. Here are some photos. ( They are kinda blurry but she was acting like she needed Prozac)

Girls Night Out!

So I am very sad to report that Bridgette is moving across the country to be with her lovebug. *sniffle* She is a busy bee getting ready, so this past Saturday night we squeezed in a Girls Night Out in Viva Las Vegas. She had never really been to the clubs before so I took her to Pure & Rain. I'm gonna miss this girl but I know she is going to have the the time of her life in Florida. Love You Bridge! <3

Friday, May 2, 2008


Dear Tori Spelling,

Must I say, your book rocked my socks off! I was never a big fan, all the t.v movies I've seen with you in them could never hold my attention long enough and I'm just a tad bit young to remember the 90210 craze. But when I settled down to read your autobiography, I just couldn't get enough of you. :) Your book made me laugh so hard I woke Nick up when he was sleeping. It made me sneak peeks of it at stop lights. When I should have been reffing a game of pool between 11 yr olds, I was reading about your crazy roommate Pete. I loved your show on Oxygen because I tend to see so many simularities between us and now it's official. I'm a huge fan! I want to meet for lunch one day and talk about your jewelery making, your ways out of debt and your infamous daisy dress. And most of all, I just want to laugh with you.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Big Love

This is seriously one of my favorite shows to watch. I became hooked from the word premiere. My stepmom and I watch them religiously and when I didn't have HBO I begged her to keep them on the DVR so I could catch up on them when I went home for the weekend. But speaking of Big Love, I recently noticed their On Demand now. I've been watching them and now Nick is even hooked! But, the main point for this blog is I'm so excited to say that season 3 is starting next month! :O Can you believe it? So many questions, another season to try to find the answers!
Can we say Big Love viewing parties at my house?