Friday, August 15, 2008

The Academy Award Goes To.......

I have been nominated for a blog award!

It's a blog award silly. Sallie's Niece nominated me for one and I'm honored. I like awards and I like to blog. Now, I am suppose to nominate 9 people for this award and although I don't really have the nine to nominate, I will post links and descriptions to the people that inspire me to blog.

Fabulously Broke In The City

will shows me that a gal who has some serious fashion taste can get it done while still maintaining a savings account.

The Domestic Diva

because someday, even though it's a secret, I would like to be somewhat domestic.

Sallie's Niece

is so refreshing to me. She is honest and I love honesty.

Oh Happy Day

likes pretty things. I love pretty things.

I am reliatvely new to blogging and I'm sure as time progresses I will be sure to yack up some more blogs. For a list of blogs I frequent, you can always look to my right. Stay tuned for the academy awards, part deux, out soon!



Anonymous said...

thanks Athena! You're too funny! Great blog!

With friendship,