Thursday, August 7, 2008

Impulsive Buying....Me??? Never!!!

So, the other night Nick decided he needed some live play cards for his XBOX and the Wii. The live cards are just cards you buy so you can have points to buy games that you download onto your system. And the person he is, we had to go buy them instead putting in his credit cards. Very smart though. So we proceed to Target. And then it hits me. Dollar Target.
Now, I love me some Dollar Target. It's various junk that you can buy for * gasp* a dollar. Sometimes things are 2.50 but thats a rarity. And you can find the coolest things. Like card making supplies, knick knacks, baby items and beauty products. The exact reasons I should not be allowed into the dollar section.
"Ooooo," I gasp looking at a card making kit. " I could use this for..."
"No, you don't need it," Nick says firmly.
"Look at these door beads! Aren't they cute?"
"You don't need that dear."
"Look at this clock! And this picture frame!"
"No dear."
"Ummmm, but look at this cute set!"
I sulk out of the dollar target section and out of the section.
"Now don't you feel better because you didn't spend any money?"
Sort of. But now it makes me wonder how much money I've pissed away when I didn't have anybody there to hold my hand.