Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let's Get Physical....Physical

I am totally chaneling Olivia right now (look at that headband!). I started working out again and eating right and I lost 5 lbs! Today I went to Freash And Easy, kinda like a Trader Joes but not has hardcore hippie as Chuckie would say. ( I do love me some Trader Joes though) I bought tons of healthy stuff for lunches and breakfasts and a couple dinners so I'm ready to go on the eating part for the week. And I have planned a couple more work out sessions with Chuckie and Sandy so I am ready to lose 5 more! My getting healthy goal is coming along quite nicely if I do say so myself.



Bayjb said...

You should check out the new Heidi Montag video on USWeekly's site. It's channeling Olivia but in a slutty/tacky way.

After a weekend off, I'm back on the diet/exercise van too, while having a small piece of birthday cake very night :)