Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The wheels on the car go round and round.....

So today was my first major car problem with my Corolla, purchased from my good friend Jamie when she moved across the country. She had the car for a couple years and while it was used, it gave her no problems and ran good. This is why I insisted on buying it from her because you just don't know where cars come from and for that very fact I was not interested in buying from Craigslist. The car has been running smoothly since I've had for a year already with only having to replace a battery cable here and there. And then all of a sudden it happened......

My car broke! Well, broke is a strong word. It just wouldn't start this morning at the gas station which angered me because I was on my way to school. But after I spent about half an hour of praying and fidgeting with things, it finally started and I found a local mechanic who had just opened so I was able to squeeze right in. Bottom line= I needed a new starter and some new belts. Final cost= $600.00 Ouch. I seriously ate it. I was just glad I had that money saved up and hadn't been wasting it on stupid stuff. I'm really upset that because I also had to use part of my paycheck on Friday and after bills, won't even have most of it. *tear* My emergency account also had to be used up in account of more textbooks I had to buy for school. So now, I am BROKE.
Alot of people might say this was bound to happen with an older car. I don't agree. This happens with cars PEORID. I was replacing stuff left and right with my ZX2 and that car was only 3 1/2 years old. I had to buy a new timing belt, transmission, belts, exhaust, clutch ( numerous times). You have to replace things with any car. It's called wear and tear on your vehicle. And some people have a new car that doesn't even have a warranty so it doesn't really matter in some cases whether the car is new or not. Still, even with having to spend 600 today to fix it, thats less than what some people pay on their car in two months in PAYMENTS. So I guess, I'm still good to go! I am going to invest in some things the guy recommended after I have my father or my Grandpa Roger check them out. I plan on this car lasting me another year, two if I can stretch it. Getting out of my debts is alot more important than buying a new car. And for me, I think thats a smart choice.