Monday, August 18, 2008

To Budget Or Not Budget?

So, I've been getting pretty into financial blogs lately and reading up on finances with books like The Automatic Millionaire. I know you might be weary, but I honestly have cut back on buying stupid crap, going out to eat and spending money with friends. But, that's not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is to talk about budgets.

To Budget or Not To Budget? That is the question.

I obviously have bills. Okay, everybody has those. And I have an income. Everybody has ( or should have) this. But my question is, should I sit down and write everything out on paper so I don't spend excess of what I have?

One of my new years resolutions this past year was to write out everything I spent my money on. This lasted for about two days. But I'm thinking of doing it again. And no matter how scary it is, I'm thinking about putting myself on a budget again.

I read in the automatic millionaire that you shouldn't be on a budget because they don't work and make you depressed. That makes me sad, I don't like being depressed. But maybe it's good to have a reality check once in awhile?

I am working on three things though at the moment with my finances. I am working on establishing an emergency fund, paying off a medical bill ( its actually a small one because the rest was covered by the hospital I went to) and trying to acquire what people call no spend days. Days where you absolutely spend no money on anything. Pretty classy I do say so. And smart.

I wondered for awhile if I should even blog about finances. A lot of people do it anonymously which is what I pondered doing as well. And who am I to say I haven't? ;) But, I've noticed in society, people never want to talk about money. Money makes people ugly and bitter. Money makes people fight. I don't want to fight about money or act like it's a dirty subject when people bring the subject up. I want to say, yes I have financial goals I'm working on because I am a strong person who wants a good life for myself. And it's better to realize this now when I'm 23 then when I'm 43. And maybe some of you can get support or ideas for yourself to use. :)

Now, does anybody have any ideas? Any ideas to help me budget or save moolah? Because I'm all for tips and ideas. :)