Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama

I remember two Christmas's ago when I was talking crap about Hilary Clinton. For some reason, I can't stand that woman. (entirely different blog entry) But, I did fall in love with Barack Obama and changed my political party about six months ago. I feel like all the people who fell in love with Robert F. Kennedy in the 60's. I feel like we are ready for a change and he is the one to bring it. Tonight when I watched his special, I started bawling and had to call my friend Jamie, the only one who crys at simple things with me. We're peas in a pod ;) . But it really moved me and I'm glad I never doubted my descion to vote for him two weekends ago. I'm tired of education and health care and outshoring jobs and it needs to be fixed. And no, John McCain won't be the one to do it. But my blog isin't to bash people, okay Sarah Palin, I can see Russia too, it's called a map, but in serialness, all of you need to get off your asses and go vote. Just vote for whoever benefits your needs. Just don't bitch to me if you don't vote. I'll punch you in your face.



Bayjb said...

OMG I totally cried during this too. The music and imagery always gets me. I've been a Barack supporter for a long time and I can't believe this journey is almost over. My dad agrees that this is exactly like the Kennedy era in the 60s.