Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Hospital Room is Just like Every Other

I have been off and on tired pretty much since I started back with school. With school, work, having a fiance, friends and family, you might want to say my time is stretched to the t's. And I know you probably find this funny, but I hardly blog as much as I want to and I have even put a hiatus on scrapbooking which made me sad. So, I have had the worst cold and just couldn't kick it this past week and then guess where I end up? The hospital. Figures. I'm okay now but I honnestly thought I was going to pass out at the hospital. It was just an infection in my lungs which they sent me home with medicine to fix it right up. And I missed two midterms and a huge project in my political science class. I was able to wing some stuff but I am very upset about the whole mess.

I think I'm just venting on this blog but I'm glad I honnestly was sick and not just being lazy as I was. I was put on bed rest but I feel so much better. I am still pledging to take it easy, but I am also going to incorporate some fresh healthy foods, more rest, and better time management skills. So here's to taking it easy, at least until I go home next month for a mini vacation. :)



Bayjb said...

OMG you were in the hospital? I'm go glad you're okay and on the road hopefully to being on the mend. Take care of yourself!