Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Other Boelyn Girl

Dear Other Boelyn Girl,
When I saw you on the shelf the other day, I decidedly put you in my pile. I meant to read you after the movie but you looked so intimading with all your pages, I shrunk back on fear. But since I had nothing better to do homework wise you appeared to be a good time killer and oh how you were.
I couldn't put you down. Not once. I haven't felt this way since Tori Spelling's autobiography. My mind raced back to royal courts, forbidden passion and cunning ambition. I do have to say I think Anne Boelyn is a bitch though. She did some pretty screwed up stuff to Mary. But I kept wondering what was she, or any of the other Boelyns, were going to do next. Like get themselves banished to France. Or poison the Queen off. Suspense suspense suspense! All for Anne and George getting their ass on that chopping block.
I give you five outta five stars Other Boelyn girl. You kept me reading when others lately chose to fail. You kept my mouth dropping for more, all 738 pages of you. And that is why you shall wear those stars proudly!


Bayjb said...

It is a great book. Smutty but not in a trashy way. I HIGHLY recommend you don't rent the movie. It is not nearly as good, remotely as good even. But I hear the BBC version is supposed to be better.