Thursday, August 7, 2008

Need A New Hobby? Try Personal Finance!

So after my money crisis, I realized a couple of things. Like, what the hell am I doing with my money? And that I should have an emergency fund saved up just in case. Because my is an older car. I love it to bits but it needs some work. And hopefully it will be cheap but it still needs some help. But I want to keep it because I have NO CAR PAYMENT. And for the newly financial savvy me, thats a good deal.

I also realized I spend a good chunk of change on crap. But I haven't honestly for about two weeks. I'm excited about that. And I'm excited that I still have most of my paycheck leftover from last week. And all my bills are paid. I can save money when I want to, it's just not often.

So my new hobby on my way to a new financial savvy me is personal finance. Right now, I'm reading The Automatic Millionarie and I also have been reading how some of my fellow females are handling their debts. Their listed on my current sidebar but you can also click on this list if you don't feel like going through all of them.

Sallie's Niece

Well Heeled

Fabulously Broke In The City

Sick Of Being Poor

Dreaming Of Ferrais

I get really inspired when I read their open blogs. They do it serectively which would probably be something I would do. It really makes me want to start one actually. But for now I'll just read and acquire some tips. And I hope you can do the same. :)