Friday, August 22, 2008

One More Day

Seriously. I have about 5 hours and 40 minutes left of our Summer Camp Program. And in all honesty, it's alot shorter than that. I have to work a open house event for the nearby elementry school for two hours and then get to leave a half hour early to set up for that. And then I get an hour lunch break to run around and do some errands, like to run around to the bank and the college and buy a textbook. So in all actuality, I have an hour and 40 mins. But I am so done with kids. This 9 to 6 schedule of hearing them whine and fight and tattle is killing my mojo. I'll be so happy when we're closed all next week. But then I also have to worry about being a full time + colllege student starting next week. ( Five classes, if anyone is wondering)
I can do it, I totally rock. But still, my tummy has butterflies........